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Corporate & Continuing Education

Summer Series

Our Community Education programs are designed to provide opportunities for intellectual, creative, and social engagement to the general public, regardless of educational background.

Whether you are wanting to explore a new career path or are seeking personal enrichment, our classes will help stimulate and guide your curiosity.

Professional and personal growth starts by learning new skills.

If you’re an employer who’s seeking focused, tailored training for your teams or you just want to learn a new skill that’s always interested you, Pittsburgh Technical College Corporate & Continuing Education is the place to start.

Our approach to education emphasizes a hands-on, project-based approach and is useful for anyone who wants to get up to speed, fast. You’ll learn the fundamentals and latest techniques you can use right away—whether it’s to improve performance and competitiveness at work or to explore a personal passion.

We’re part of Pittsburgh Technical College, a non-profit institution that has been educating our region’s workforce for over 75 years. We’re known for preparing our graduates for successful careers in high-demand fields, in a a supportive academic community that values and encourages professional and personal development.

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What can we help you or your teams learn? Or maybe you’re interested in renting one of our facilities or classrooms. Reach out and let us know. We’ll be in touch.